We offer professional translation of the following types of text:

  • PILs
  • SmPCs
  • information materials for doctors and patients
  • scientific publications
  • protocols and other documentation associated with clinical studies
  • IFUs for medical devices (including MRI and X-ray equipment, cardiac monitors, stereotactic systems, and brain/spinal cord stimulation systems)
  • medical device software
  • IFUs for surgical, orthopaedic and dental implants
  • IFUs for dental materials and devices
  • educational materials for in vitro diagnostics
  • IFUs and leaflets for aesthetic surgery materials and procedures
  • training presentations and educational materials for medical sales representatives
  • veterinary documents (feed additives, vaccines, medicines), etc.

Before accepting and starting work on a translation task we thoroughly analyse the content to gain an understanding of the text prior to translation in order to be able to meet your requirements. We guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and never share them with third parties. This ensures the security of the information contained in the end product.

Don’t worry – we are never late, we always work ASAP!

We also react promptly to your comments and complaints. Please make sure that you contact us concerning any problems with translation quality, including a description of any possible errors, in writing within 7 (seven) calendar days from the delivery of the completed translation. In justified cases, we offer the review and introduction of corrections to the translation, free of charge. No other forms of compensation apply.