We specialize in the translation of texts from the following fields: medicine, biotechnology, the life sciences, technology and engineering. This enables us to satisfy the market demand for high quality translations by experts in the field, not just skilled linguists.

We operate mainly in the B2B sector, providing expert services primarily to businesses and private practices.

We combine our expert knowledge with many years of experience gained in cutting-edge laboratories in both manufacturing plants and universities, as well as with our passion for the field.

Another of our advantages is our network of language consultants, which includes practicing doctors (laryngologist, neurologist, orthopaedic surgeon, dentist etc.), pharmacists, university teachers, engineers and scientists working in the largest international corporations.

We use cutting-edge CAT tools in our work, which guarantees coherence across successive translations for each customer and also enables us to offer attractive discounts.
We use a multilevel order processing system:

  1. Estimating the cost
  2. Setting the deadline and method of delivery
  3. Translating/reviewing/editing
  4. Editing/proofreading
  5. Delivery to customer in the agreed form (electronic, hard copy)

The cost of service is estimated at the time of placing an order and settled based on the quantity of source word count which means that the customer knows the cost from the beginning and does not have to incur any hidden payments. We are offering hourly payment method in case of special translation projects.

The costs are estimated at the time of placing the order, and settled based on the source word count. This means that you know how much a job will cost before we start, and that there will be no hidden payments. We also offer an hourly payment method for special translation projects.

Translation and editing are the most important parts of the process. Every translation is performed in accordance with the standards and applicable terminology. All translated texts are proofread by peers in order to eliminate any terminological or language errors.

Proofreading of post-DTP documents is available on request.


We also have one extra benefit: we work ASAP!